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Not Dead, Can't Quit - Kyle Maynard

I just received Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss. I really enjoyed his last book, Tools of Titans, and although I have just started this one I am enjoying it quite a bit. Kyle Maynard is in one of the first chapters and his story resonated with me this week to keep working. 

Thursdays stream (Stream 7) went really well with 11 Simultaneous viewers and 53 Total views. Also had 9 chatters which was a pleasant change from the usual crickets. Unfortunately Stream 8 rebounded a bit to 5 Simultaneous and 30 Total. But I still had some people in the chat and took some requests. Streams 9-11 have dropped back down to 4 viewers which is a little deflating but also liberating to do anything I want to do.

I busted out the ol' Godin LGX on one of the streams. It was my main guitar until the  Ibanez JS1000 came along and opened my mind to ultra speed. The Godin has had ALOT of technical issues and was very advanced for it's time so some of the key features don't work anymore. It really needs an overhaul. Anyways it sound crackly and dull to me and I didn't want to mess to much with my pedal settings to make it sound better because I would lose the tone I have worked so hard to find with the Ibanez. I took it into the shop last week and am excited to hear it when it is returned to its former glory.

Editing video is getting easier although the quality is pretty poor (For the reasons I stated last week). For now I must focus on the content of the stream over the quality of the video on YouTube, at least the audio is excellent. I picked out 'Time' by Pink Floyd from Stream 7, I liked the way this one turned out. I was getting a lot of praise this stream for my guitar work and felt good trying new things. I also picked out 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Atlanta' which hit YouTube this week. I don't have enough YouTube views to change the thumbnail picture so we're stuck with me looking like I'm about to throw up for now! haha. Here are the links;



Rome wasn't built in a day

...and neither is building a streaming community apparently. Stream 6 and 10 followers. But, thats 4 streams in a row on schedule. Video and Audio are synced and I am happy with the way it sounds. Had a suggestion from a viewer to mute the effect plug-ins between songs, which sparked the idea to Share Screen between macs so I can now control the audio from the vocal booth. Although, I did forget to record to Pro Tools this time. 

Other progress was made with being able to edit the stream videos. My plan is to cut out the songs I performed well and post them to my Youtube page and brand new Vimeo Page. But, before I could do that I had to find a way to edit the video and re-sync the audio because it was nudged off in the recording (picture how all the other characters in a Jackie Chan movie look). I didn't want to spend any money on video editing software and tried a handful of applications. 

Then I found Media Composer First, which let me nudge the audio and ALOT more, and its totally free. Unfortunately, the current Apple Operating System I use wouldn't run it. Little back story, when I kept upgraded the OS over the years on my Power Mac it became slower and slower and ProTools HD 10 was lagging and choppy. I created a new OS10 boot downgrading back to 10.7 (From High Sierra to Lion). So I need to boot into Sierra when I want to use Media Composer. BUT... A while back I had the male end of a headphone jack break off in the headphone port on my Power Mac (I tried all the tricks to get it out that I could find online with no luck) AND my OMNI HD audio interface won't pair with Sierra, unless I upgrade the firmware which would make Pro Tools HD 10 not function properly forcing me to upgrade to Pro Tools HD 12 which would cost about $500 and my computer would self destruct. My only other option was to use my Rolls PM50S Personal Monitor Amp connected to the back analog output. Needless to say, that took up a big portion of my week. 

The audio/video synching issue was caused by simultaneously streaming while recording locally. I found by only streaming I also fixed an issue where if I don't record and stream in the same format the video reduces to 6 frames/min. Thanks to RedAngel_PS4 and Scricket245 for letting me know. Streams 3, 4 and 5 were basically audio only. There is a big learning curve to Media Composer First but I'm getting the hang of it.

Here is my progress with the stream thus-far;

Stream Progress

I liked this rendition of Cold Shot from the November 20th Stream. I was just improvising and about to play Comfortably Numb when I was infected with the SRV virus... The video quality wasn't the best because I downloaded it off Twitch from the stream. I added the YouTube 8mm filter to hide some of the rendering issues. 

Time Flies

It's hard to start a blog and be dedicated, but I will try to be more diligent. Most of my time is with the family, practicing guitar or at work, I started a new job a year ago and there is a lot to learn to do the new job and a lot to forget from the old job :). It's hard to do everything you want to do but I just gotta keep on moving. I now have the stream set-up and working, although the video to audio synching can use some tweaking. I set up a Hootsuite account to handle my lack of Social Media, which I always have ideas for but has never made it into my habituals. I have decided to post to instagram once a day which then ties into my Facebook page and Twitter. I am going to stream EVERY Monday and Thursday to get a schedule going, which is the number one tip for starting a stream.. "Have a schedule". I have also decided to start a podcast where I release a recording I did in the past or recently. There are a lot of old unreleased songs from people I worked with or me just making new song ideas. I plan to write a blog for each song because they each have a back story of the time when I was making them or how they came to be. 

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The actual first day of streaming

Day one in the books. I was trying to save the video at the best format possible while streaming at a pretty good quality, but this ended up making the stream really choppy. After getting feedback from RedAngle, I fixed the video. As described in the Chris Cornell post, I wasn't trying to make the stream perfect, I was just trying to get online. 

Finally got the audio working pretty well. The current setup is using Airfoil to transmit the audio from the ProTools PC and then Airfoil and Loopback to receive the audio on the streaming PC. Here is a visual of my setup:

Red = Analog, Blue = Digital

Red = Analog, Blue = Digital