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March 19th 2018

Whoa, it took me 2 days to come off the high of getting raided by 350 people on Friday. That was intense, but as I watched back I looked rather calm. Inside I was just trying to stay conscious. I just finished reading The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer and it describes approaching that feeling of fear and excitement as your body getting ready to be prepared to perform. I tried to think that way in the moment and I think I was half way there. I was happy so many people stuck around for another hour and am hopeful a few come back tonight. 

The weekend was fun with the family, we built a snowman and went swimming. My wife and I went to A Wrinkle in Time which was disappointing, I would give it a 2/5. The pacing, acting and directing were just missing some magic. It felt like watching people act instead of going on an adventure. I play soccer on Sunday nights and our team got destroyed 6-0. But I had fun and didn't get hurt which are my two goals. I tore my Achilles 4 years ago when the kids were just starting to walk and that was tough for everyone. I'm on call this week for work so the Stream could get cut off at anytime. I made the songlist without counting the songs and it is rather long, so it could be a late night. Oh well, lets JAM!

Song List 

Be Yourself - Audioslave

Behind Blue Eyes - The Who

Better Man - Pearl Jam

Brain Damage - Pink Floyd

Call me a Dog - Temple of the Dog

Clocks - Coldplay

Cold Shot - SRV

Karma Police - Radiohead

Like a Stone - Audioslave

Lilac Wine - Jeff Buckley

One - U2

Space Oddity - David Bowie

Thank You - Led Zeppelin

The Scientist - Coldplay

While my Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beattles

March 16th 2018

I'm back for a full stream. Although I had to move the Thursday Stream to Friday. I've had a very busy week with work, including waking up at 2:45 on Tuesday morning, but I had to TCB. Not in the best mood today because of family quarrels but I have chosen a song list so I can scream it all out. It's not all bad though, I had some good workouts and my shoulder and neck pain have subsided a bit after lots of icing and heat. I'm trying to stay away from muscle relaxers because I found 10 years ago they prolonged healing and only worked if I took them before bed and didn't move. 

I've been following on Twitch this month and his rise to the top. He is a really talented Fortnite player and his streams are entertaining, especially when he pulls off a clutch trick shot for the win. Last night he streamed with Drake which was pretty cool.

I have also been eying up the new PRS Silver Sky designed by John Mayer and Paul Reed Smith. It is a really beautiful guitar and the demos I have seen sound great. I haven't found anyone in town that has it but I would love to try it out. 

I listened to a couple great podcasts this week on the drive for work. The first was the Tim Ferriss Show with Joe Gebbia - Co-Founder of AirBnB. Joe has some great stories of his startups and times in school. The other was The Kevin Rose Show with Serge Faguet. It made me want to get more sleep with a regular schedule. But, I am finding that especially difficult this week with work, kids and the stream. Oh well, one day. 

Going for an all electric night. Here is the songlist.


Black - Pearl Jam

Space Oddity - David Bowie

Barretts Song - Triptic Winter

Indifference - Pearl Jam

State of Love and Trust - Pearl Jam

Sold Feelings - Triptic Winter

Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley

Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder

Weekend Love - Triptic Winter

Fell on Black Days - Soundgarden

While my Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beattles

Milk and Honey - Triptic Winter

The Last Remaining Light - Audioslave



March 10th Stream

The kids were sick so I had to bump the stream from Thursday to tonight. It could be a short one, as I may have company coming. We'll see, it's a mystery. 

Song List

Same as last stream, but see how far I get!! 

Hehe, cop out. 

March 5th Stream

Feeling a bit tired after working all day coming off the vacation. But the stream should wake me up, my throat feels a bit sore but I am picking some harder songs to sing to see how that goes! I haven't played the electric guitar in a week and a half so I am excited for that! Welcome to the stream. 

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