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April 6th 2018

Argh. Rough week. Being sick is no good. My throat is still sore but we are going to keep on keeping on. This week was pretty uneventful all in all. Except for Ronaldo's super bicycle kick (hence the Ronaldo jersey tonight) I got this jersey on my 26th birthday when I went to Manchester to see United slaughter Wigan 4-0. All the goals were on the side we were sitting on so it was pretty epic. Ronaldo and Rooney got one that day. It was such a great atmosphere to be in that stadium with all the fans chanting at each touch of the ball. 

I added new GIFs to the stream for when people follow, sub, donate etc. All in the theme of Wayne's World, which was one of my favourite movies and also kinda fits in each scenario. Only 13 songs, but I'll add some originals and just go with the flow. 


April 6 Playlist.jpg

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