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April 9th 2018

Happy Monday night y'all. I had a great weekend with the family, the kids starting swimming lessons. I got lots done around the house. Had a good workout on Sunday. And we finished Santa Clarita Diet which is really funny, I highly recommend it.

I was so excited to stream all day, but now I feel super tired. Waking up at 5:30 to walk the dog, working all day, making dinner, doing house work, bathing the kids, putting them to bed and getting ready to stream takes it's toll but I will prevail... hopefully. I really need your help making Twitch the full time gig. Then I get to have fun streaming and you get to hang out with me more. Win-Win. So please share the stream wherever you can. 

I listened to a great episode of the Music Community Podcast with Ryan Kairalla. They had some great info about music copyright on Twitch and playing live. I think it would be a great source of info for anyone streaming on Twitch, especially people that play music or have music in the background of your stream. 


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