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First Day on Twitch

Tonight I will start streaming on Twitch for the first time in hopes to find an audience that will appreciate and support my music. I am nervous, but more excited, on where this will take me. I am planning to stream 3 days a week, although I am not quite certain which 3 days those will be.

I want the stream to look, feel and sound professional. This has been in the works for about 3 months and there has been a lot of planning to try to stand out from day 1 and have all my social media and website supporting this stream. I will do a blog post in the future on what equipment I am using, but if you want a quick list check out my KITs here: 


I am running OBS, Twitch, Streaming Labs and ExpressVPN on my streaming PC. I have lyrics and chords scrolling on my iPad which gets AirPlay'd to the streaming PC. And then Pro Tools HD and all my audio plugins on my Mac in the control room. 

Follow this link to see how I built my studio:


One of my main concerns was security. If I do become a popular streamer, I wanted to reduce my risk of cyber attacks. I was like most people who has been using the same semi-easy password for most of my web logins for the past 15 years, kinda surprising I have never been hacked (Not a challenge!). After listening to the Tim Ferris Show episode with Marc Goodman about cyber security I migrated all my passwords to 1Password, it is a highly secure website that generates and stores all your passwords on your computer or phone. I also enabled 2-factor authentication on every website that supports it. 

Our building has an alarm, we have a dog and the studio window has bars. Someone is usually home all day. Not too much more I could do other than install security cameras... Something for the future. 

Display Layout

I decided to purchase a customized layout from Twitch Overlay because it would have honestly taken me 10 hours to make something half as good as what they are offering. They sent my files within 4 hours of putting in my order. If you are thinking about streaming check them out because they have many free and pay for solutions. This layout took about an hour to set-up on OBS.


There are subtle changes I want to make and eventually I would like to have the ProTools audio meters somewhere on the screen, but I am very happy with the way it is turning out and how easy all the software was to set-up. 

Goals for the channel

In the grand scheme I would like to be able to financially survive and thrive off the channel. I would like to have the opportunity to showcase products from the brands I love; Fender, Ibanez, Bogner, Neumann, Rupert Neve Designs, Walrus Audio, Empress Effects etc. I want to meet and interact with fun, cool people. I want to create cool swag to give away and offer on my website. I want to post the best moments and highlights on YouTube. I want to get inspiration from places I wouldn't normally get it from. I want to build a Worldwide audience so I can go to interesting places and play.  

But, I most of all I just want a place I can share my music and talents with people that truly appreciate it.

Thanks for stopping by, check me out on Twitch:


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