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Not Dead, Can't Quit - Kyle Maynard

I just received Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss. I really enjoyed his last book, Tools of Titans, and although I have just started this one I am enjoying it quite a bit. Kyle Maynard is in one of the first chapters and his story resonated with me this week to keep working. 

Thursdays stream (Stream 7) went really well with 11 Simultaneous viewers and 53 Total views. Also had 9 chatters which was a pleasant change from the usual crickets. Unfortunately Stream 8 rebounded a bit to 5 Simultaneous and 30 Total. But I still had some people in the chat and took some requests. Streams 9-11 have dropped back down to 4 viewers which is a little deflating but also liberating to do anything I want to do.

I busted out the ol' Godin LGX on one of the streams. It was my main guitar until the  Ibanez JS1000 came along and opened my mind to ultra speed. The Godin has had ALOT of technical issues and was very advanced for it's time so some of the key features don't work anymore. It really needs an overhaul. Anyways it sound crackly and dull to me and I didn't want to mess to much with my pedal settings to make it sound better because I would lose the tone I have worked so hard to find with the Ibanez. I took it into the shop last week and am excited to hear it when it is returned to its former glory.

Editing video is getting easier although the quality is pretty poor (For the reasons I stated last week). For now I must focus on the content of the stream over the quality of the video on YouTube, at least the audio is excellent. I picked out 'Time' by Pink Floyd from Stream 7, I liked the way this one turned out. I was getting a lot of praise this stream for my guitar work and felt good trying new things. I also picked out 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Atlanta' which hit YouTube this week. I don't have enough YouTube views to change the thumbnail picture so we're stuck with me looking like I'm about to throw up for now! haha. Here are the links;



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