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Time Flies

It's hard to start a blog and be dedicated, but I will try to be more diligent. Most of my time is with the family, practicing guitar or at work, I started a new job a year ago and there is a lot to learn to do the new job and a lot to forget from the old job :). It's hard to do everything you want to do but I just gotta keep on moving. I now have the stream set-up and working, although the video to audio synching can use some tweaking. I set up a Hootsuite account to handle my lack of Social Media, which I always have ideas for but has never made it into my habituals. I have decided to post to instagram once a day which then ties into my Facebook page and Twitter. I am going to stream EVERY Monday and Thursday to get a schedule going, which is the number one tip for starting a stream.. "Have a schedule". I have also decided to start a podcast where I release a recording I did in the past or recently. There are a lot of old unreleased songs from people I worked with or me just making new song ideas. I plan to write a blog for each song because they each have a back story of the time when I was making them or how they came to be. 

The first song is from 2003. It is not the oldest recording or song of mine, but it is the oldest on this computer. I have some songs on tape from junior high but that is for another time. 

My First Band

I remember when I was 15 (1996) watching my friends from junior high, Tim (Vocals and guitar), Keith (Bass) and Val (Drums), play music in Tim's Dad's hydraulic cylinder shop. They sounded awesome! I went home and pretended to be part of the band. I was playing the guitar my Baba gave me, MY first guitar. It was a knock off sunburst strat. Before that I was playing my sister, Desi's, goya acoustic that she never played. I remember wanting an electric guitar after listening to Moist and Our Lady Peace and wanting to get that energy. The first song I learned to play on it though was Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

I envisioned playing along side them. I remember playing everyday for about 6 months trying to get better. They would practice about once a week and were growing a song catalog. I honestly spent most of my time each night pretending to be in the band. When Tim finally asked me to come jam I was ecstatic. I think I impressed them during the jam because I was immediately asked to join the band.

I distinctly remember Tim flipping through a dictionary while we all gave our approval on a band name. Our plan was to randomly select two words from the dictionary to form the name of our band. I'm pretty sure the first word came quickly... "Official". The second word took a little time to get a consensus. Tim would look away and flip the pages, then his finger would slide down the page and stop.... "Pirate!" Keith, Val and I "NO!"... "Yukon" Keith, Val and I "No!"... on and on... "District"...  Keith, Val and I "That's not bad, ya!". So, Official District was born. 

IMG_1085 (1).JPG

Deep Orange

This was also the tactic I used for choosing the title of Deep Orange. Two random words that sounded interesting together.

I bought my first mac in 2003 after hearing how much better they were for making music. I took a music production course at Grant MacEwan College and the instructor said "No one knows why, but macs just sound warmer for audio, they are the only machine to make music with." I took this advise and ran with it, soon making payments to buy a mac tower. It took me 2 years to pay off that computer and was the only thing I bought on payments ever again. Before the mac I was using Cool Edit. This was the first song I put time into. I was using a copy of Reason  I acquired from a file share most likely to make this song. I couldn't afford to buy it because I had to pay off my computer! 

I had no idea what the song would be when I started but in the end it sounded like the opening credits to a bond movie. I just had fun adding layers and sounds using Reason and a keyboard. Ladies and Gentleman... the oldest song on my computer;

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