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First Day on Twitch Issues

Well, day one didn't go so well. I was prepared. I finished my checklist of the "must haves before go live". I changed my guitar strings, tuned all my guitars, warmed up my fingers and voice.

But... it was also the first day actually listening to what I was going to sound like live. My signal chain is more expensive than my car! After going through my Neumann microphone, into my RNS portico II, into the Avid OMNI HD, processed through compression, reverb, delays, limiters and tape emulators; it was all feeding back out of the OMNI into a 1/8" mic jack on the Streaming PC. It sounded like I was singing in a tin can. 

So, what's the fix?

I didn't want to spend more money, I knew I could figure this out. I needed a high quality I/O audio interface. After scanning the room, I looked online to see what my cheapest option was; $99 focusrite red I/O, it could work. But I really didn't want to spend money. I scanned the room again, this time noticing the Eleven Rack (which I use for emulating amps and pedals). I look at the rear of it and then the rear of the OMNI... This could work!

Alright, so I look at the cable max lengths for the two cables I need. A USB A to B and a coax S/PDIF. If the put the Eleven Rack on the floor right beside the door I can barely get away with it. Awkward, but it'll work. So, I go get the cables, plug them in, and download the Eleven Rack drivers on the PC. 

Test drive one

I had a tough time getting audio out of the OMNI S/PDIF. Lots of trial and error. I really didn't want to disconnect my Focal Speakers each time I streamed, but I finally got it working out of the Alt send. So, I can just push the Alt button on the front of the OMNI when I want to stream. I also had to make the Eleven Rack receive the master clock from the OMNI which got rid of distortion. Things are working, I'm good to... Blue Screen of Death. Try again... BSOD. Over and over. Look on line and it's a known issue with the OS I am using. Okay, how much is Windows 10? $150!! Windows 7? $80. Argh. 

Decide to sleep on it. 

Whats the new fix? 

I went to sleep with the problem in my head, but I wasn't really focusing on it. I wake up with an idea. Although I was technically staying digital with this solution, why not go for all digital Ethernet based solution. I read up on my options for streaming audio from a Mac to a PC with low latency (although I can just delay the video if I can only get it working with latency). I find two free trial products but now I have to go out of the OMNI back into the Mac with optical and then fire it to the streaming PC. New problem, because I am running Pro Tools HD 10 I am also running Mac OSX 10.7; this is mighty old and the legacy programs just don't cut it. Argh!

The final remedy

("The final solution" just didn't feel right there) 

Okay, so I needed to either upgrade my Mac OSX or upgrade my Windows. And I have had nothing but issues with this streaming PC, it's cheap, it's basic... It's crap. I look up what the best and easiest way to fix all my issues. Buy a Mac. Boom! problem solved. Now I have to get everything going on that. Which in theory should be easy-peasy-bo-beasy.

Other issues

I am unable to AirPlay my lyrics to the streaming PC while the VPN is running. I ordered a new Linksys WRT1200AC Router, which luckily happens to be on sale, that allows me to run the VPN there instead of all my devices. This way my iPad isn't trying to connect to a PC that thinks it's in New York. 

So that's where I'm at. Looking forward to start.  I guess all I had to do was spend more money. :)


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