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So many issues, so much learning.

So here's the breakdown of what happened;

Issue 1: On the computer that handles the audio for my stream, ProTools HD 10 was not able to have audio effects on "active" channels (ex. I couldn't use distortion on my vocals, or add/remove delay on the fly), my computer was struggling to keep up because it is 8 years old and my web browsers can no longer open a lot of websites, including Twitch, because the I am running Mac OSX 10.7.6 and newer websites are not compatible

Solution to audio issue: Use Ableton Live using Re-Wire to ProTools

Issue 2: I was using Mac OSX 10.7.6 which was not compatible with Ableton Live 10

Solution: Upgrade to Mac OSX 10.11 (Well Dual-Boot into 10.11 - Just in case I need to revert)

Issue 3: Ableton worked! But... not with my Avid OMNI HD interface directly so I needed to re-wire through Pro Tools HD 10, which was the plan all along. But... Pro Tools HD 10 was not compatible with Mac OSX 10.11, only Mac O SX10.7-10.8

Solution: Upgrade to ProTools 12

Issue 4: So I upgraded and it actually opened. Yay! New audio features! But... ProTools 12 would not see my AVID OMNI HD. So, after back in forth with AVID customer service I discovered I needed ProTools 12 Ultimate which is $1300... American... per year. What? That's crazy! ... I said to AVID. So, after some perseverance I got my money back for ProTools 12

Solution: Just use Ableton Live 10 with my Waves plugins and use the OMNI HD as a "generic 2 input interface" 

Issue 5: My older versions of Waves Diamond bundle wouldn't work with Ableton 10 Live.

Solution: Upgrade my Waves bundle

Issue 6: Because I was using "generic 2 input interface" I didn't have an option route my audio out the AVID OMNI HD fiber connection to my streaming computer

Solution: Give up and go back to the original stream set-up. Good thing I dual-booted instead of wiping the old OSX. But now I have a copy of Ableton Live 10 I can't use. Boo-urns

Issue 6: Since I upgraded my Waves bundle it doesn't work any more with ProTools HD 10. But, I just want to get back streaming. So I get ready to stream with no audio effects and... My bluetooth stopped working completely. No mouse, no keyboard. 

Solution: Scour the internet for the issue. I discovered basically deleting the device drivers and re-installing for my keyboard and mouse fixed it. 

Issues still pending:

  • ProTools HD 10 is great for mixing, but not for live audio.

  • I have a copy of Ableton Live 10 I am not using but it does what I want for audio

  • My computer won't load most websites

  • I want to continue using my very expensive audio interface, AVID OMNI HD but it won't work with Ableton Live

So, I get the idea to run Ableton Live on my streaming computer, a much newer but less beefy Mac Mini. Now I need to do is get the audio out of the vocal booth, through the OMNI HD, through ProTools, out the OMNI HD, into my Mac Mini, which was only 2 channels of optical into a small USB audio interface. Then, I would need to send just vocals in the left channel and just guitar in the right, split them into mono, connect them to Ableton Live, add effects and then create a path to OBS. But... this would make switching between Electric and Acoustic more difficult and I could no longer connect my phone for backing tracks.

Is it worth it? No. How do I know? Because I tried. And it took a long time. And each step took longer than the next. AND it was complicated and not easily replicated. 

After alot of thought I decided to use the stream computer for everything. Which meant I needed a new interface because the OMNI HD connects using PCI and the Mac Mini does not have a PCI connection and without upgrading to ProTools Ultimate I would be in the same boat. So I got a used Focusrite Scarlette 18i20. And after about 2 hours of set-up I am happy to say everything works! Well, except my Waves Diamond bundle which I need support from Waves. But I can actually do all the things I want to do. 

I'm going to try another new format as well. I am going to take requests again but will randomize what key the song will be in to add some fun and excitement.  The good news is while I have been away from streaming I have been practicing a lot and reading about vocal health and practices. I think I am improving. 

6 months later… This post is getting too long!

I thought it was working, I thought I was streaming some good ass music. I was wrong.

Turns out I have been streaming only one microphone for the past 8 or so streams. breh. Time to upgrade again!


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