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What's eating Triptic Winter?

Alright, I think after 2 months of trying to get my rig working I have finally worked it all out. 

So here's the breakdown of what happened;

Issue 1: On the computer that handles the audio for my stream, ProTools HD 10 was not able to have audio effects on "active" channels (ex. I couldn't use distortion on my vocals, or add/remove delay on the fly), my computer was struggling to keep up because it is 8 years old and my web browsers can no longer open a lot of websites, including Twitch, because the I am running Mac OSX 10.7.6 and newer websites are not compatible

Solution to audio issue: Use Ableton Live using Re-Wire to ProTools

Issue 2: I was using Mac OSX 10.7.6 which was not compatible with Ableton Live 10

Solution: Upgrade to Mac OSX 10.11 (Well Dual-Boot into 10.11 - Just in case I need to revert)

Issue 3: Ableton worked! But... not with my Avid OMNI HD interface directly so I needed to re-wire through Pro Tools HD 10, which was the plan all along. But... Pro Tools HD 10 was not compatible with Mac OSX 10.11, only Mac O SX10.7-10.8

Solution: Upgrade to ProTools 12

Issue 4: So I upgraded and it actually opened. Yay! New audio features! But... ProTools 12 would not see my AVID OMNI HD. So, after back in forth with AVID customer service I discovered I needed ProTools 12 Ultimate which is $1300... American... per year. What? That's crazy! ... I said to AVID. So, after some perseverance I got my money back for ProTools 12

Solution: Just use Ableton Live 10 with my Waves plugins and use the OMNI HD as a "generic 2 input interface" 

Issue 5: My older versions of Waves Diamond bundle wouldn't work with Ableton 10 Live.

Solution: Upgrade my Waves bundle

Issue 6: Because I was using "generic 2 input interface" I didn't have an option route my audio out the AVID OMNI HD fiber connection to my streaming computer

Solution: Give up and go back to the original stream set-up. Good thing I dual-booted instead of wiping the old OSX. But now I have a copy of Ableton Live 10 I can't use. Boo-urns

Issue 6: Since I upgraded my Waves bundle it doesn't work any more with ProTools HD 10. But, I just want to get back streaming. So I get ready to stream with no audio effects and... My bluetooth stopped working completely. No mouse, no keyboard. 

Solution: Scour the internet for the issue. I discovered basically deleting the device drivers and re-installing for my keyboard and mouse fixed it. 

Issues still pending:

  • ProTools HD 10 is great for mixing, but not for live audio.
  • I have a copy of Ableton Live 10 I am not using but it does what I want for audio
  • My computer won't load most websites
  • I want to continue using my very expensive audio interface, AVID OMNI HD but it won't work with Ableton Live

So, I get the idea to run Ableton Live on my streaming computer, a much newer but less beefy Mac Mini. Now I need to do is get the audio out of the vocal booth, through the OMNI HD, through ProTools, out the OMNI HD, into my Mac Mini, which was only 2 channels of optical into a small USB audio interface. Then, I would need to send just vocals in the left channel and just guitar in the right, split them into mono, connect them to Ableton Live, add effects and then create a path to OBS. But... this would make switching between Electric and Acoustic more difficult and I could no longer connect my phone for backing tracks.

Is it worth it? No. How do I know? Because I tried. And it took a long time. And each step took longer than the next. AND it was complicated and not easily replicated. 

But Damian, at the top of this post you said you had it all worked out?

After alot of thought I decided to use the stream computer for everything. Which meant I needed a new interface because the OMNI HD connects using PCI and the Mac Mini does not have a PCI connection and without upgrading to ProTools Ultimate I would be in the same boat. So I got a used Focusrite Scarlette 18i20. And after about 2 hours of set-up I am happy to say everything works! Well, except my Waves Diamond bundle which I need support from Waves. But I can actually do all the things I want to do. 

I'm going to try another new format as well. I am going to take requests again but will randomize what key the song will be in to add some fun and excitement.  The good news is while I have been away from streaming I have been practicing a lot and reading about vocal health and practices. I think I am improving. 

See you soon.


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